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      Is this really a forum where people that want to learn tattooing, are willing to soak up all in help and info available will actually get nice people to talk to and help.
      regardless of if they can devote their existence to sweeping someone’s floors for free do to having to pay bills n such or don’t have access to anyone to apprentice them…?

      If that is the case…Thank you..from all of my bits :)

      I worked in a tattoo shop years ago, doing all the grunt work.. cleaning up, making needles (i like doing that for some reason, it calms me ) setting up stations for the artists, sterilizing everything.. being kind of intrigued and afraid of the autoclave ;) ect.
      I myself do Henna and airbrush tattooing atm and have for years.. you can kind erase those..
      for medical reasons, i was on all kinds of scripts that gave me that shakes like no one business, so i never even contemplated tattooing myself. Always would have loved to, have a passion for it.. gut logistics wasn’t having it.. now that is done.. i can hold a cup of water without shaking it all onto the floor and we’re good to go..
      I would really like to pursue this and i would love to have a place like this where i can get help and advised when i need it.
      I’m at the begin again stage.. just grabbing the pencil and pad and away i go, when i do get to a point of touching needle to skin.. luckily i have lots of ginue pigs that have been for many a friend, and i guarantee, other than not following sanitation standards.. there is nothing i can tattoo on them, that will be worse that what they already have lol

      I hope i am in the right place to start this journey a new..

      thanks :)

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      First of all, rawr at your bits :mrgreen:

      You can do what I’ve been doing, run a needle with only alcohol or water. Although tonight a friend came by wanting a tat bad. Once I saw what he wanted I was like I can do that! I look forward to posting pics of my first tat done with some edumacation. I have flatly refused tattooing anyone until now, but the simplicity of this all black piece is do-able.

      Good luck to you!

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      And i’m back.. been working hard on my body art business. We have added Facepainting, Body painting, and a list of other stuff.
      I had this little ebay kit or something kicking around and was playing around with it. i hadn’t touched it in a while so the top rubber o ring thing was just about dust.. womp womp.. I was getting pin striping stuff for xmas, but the placed messed up the order and the BF was like ..”pinstriping stuff or TATTOO stuff?” .. well then.

      So i got the mini rotary kit from Hildbrant, my other machine was a coil so i figured i’d give it a try .. they have arrived..
      I will post my thoughts in the appropriate sections

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      Welcome back!

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      Okairi nasai! :D

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