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      Hi everybody,
      I’m a young art teacher and have always been interested in the tattoo world.
      I bought the book, watch a thousand videos, searchin for pictures and so and now I will soon have a tattoo course. I’m really exited about it!
      Just by curiosity, I would like to know, what was your first tattoo machine? Do you have recommandation for begginer? And about the ink, there’s a lot of kind. Wich ones are the best one? »Thank you very much :)

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      As far as ink and machines, everybody has a different oppinion.
      I like rotary machines, and Starbrite ink. Do some searching on
      this site. A lot of really good info.

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       CR Jordan

      My very first was a suprior soft touch. I like those machines, simple and cheap – but there are way better things on the market… but you have to start somewhere

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