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      I just stumbled across this forum this morning and I am hoping to get some good solid information out of it. I have been trying to get an apprenticeship for the past three years, granted I have been knocking on the doors of, only who I consider the best, tattoo artists in the Bay Area (California). It seems that trying to get an apprenticeship with out being good friends with a tattoo artist is damn impossible… I have plenty of good tattoos, plenty of talent, a good person, just waiting for my opportunity. I have my own set-up and have been practicing on fake skin, citrus fruits, and myself. I am looking forward to gaining all the knowledge possible, I think this forum is a great idea!

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      Stick with it –
      You just got to keep trying to get your foot in the door…
      pay for tattoos – and talk to the artists who tattoo you…
      ask questions – and show interest..
      bring your portfolio – get some tattoos of YOUR OWN designs on you – and then you can show the tattoo artists your skills in the drawing room..
      don’t walk in there saying “yeah i do tattoos” they will laugh at you – and probably be a little intimidated (secretly)
      tattoo is a guarded art form because (in my opinion) people are scared to let you know that its not really rocket science…
      but being a good tattooer does not make you a good artist – get what I mean?
      and unfortunately a lot of tattooists are NOT good artists…
      and a lot of good artists WANT to be tattooists…

      have you seen the portal we are building? http://www.teachmetotattoo.com/portal
      its going to be pretty cool – once we get it packed with people!

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