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      Hi there everyone :D
      My decision to join this forum was made after scouring the web but finding nowhere as chilled & judgmental as some others….

      My name is Andy, at 45 my first tat was 25+yrs ago but have gotten into ‘inking‘ a lot later than most I would guess but with no less a passion often verging on obsessive :roll: . Nonetheless I have second to none support from my good lady, who’s into tattoos but not tattooing.

      She is, by my reckoning an exceptional artist when she puts her mind to it so I find it helpful to discuss fundamental art topics such as light, shadows, shading etc, with her….all very interesting and relevant to tattooing I’d say?.

      Located where I am in Scotland, UK, I have don’t have any tat studios within a 50 mile radius of me that I can frequent on a regular basis but do have a really good rapport with the owners of a couple of them who I always drop in on when in their vicinity.
      Any/all of my ‘n00b’ questions are usually directed at them if I don’t manage fathom it out myself before seeing them.

      Anyway, I really hope I get the chance to speak with you all on here at some point :)

      Regards, SK

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