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      Hey , my names nik iv been tattooing for about 8 months now i was aprentishiping some guy but it went south nd i ended u still stayin into it , i was wondering how to go about it now , i do wanna keep tattooin but not being called a hack , what should i do to get anuther aprenticeship? i am still novice but i can draw ,no tracing nd i do have alot of tattoos i have done but im not fully lisceands so yah any advice is good

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      Yeah def. stick with it – find a new mentor.
      You will not always agree with everyone you learn from – and you will not always learn a lot from everyone you learn from either..
      you have to take the good and the bad and sort it out yourself.
      check out the book – http://www.teachmetotattoo.com
      has a great road map for apprentice –
      best of luck

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