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      hi,everybody i have just joined,heres my story,i loved art and did lots of it when i was young,left school and before i knew it i was a bricklayer,i have spent many years now wondering did i take the wrong turn off,23 to be exact,i have a passion about tattoos and everything related,took the plunge a few months ago,bought a kit some skins aswell and made a nervous start,hope im not too old at 40,i dont feel too old :? any advice would be greatly appreciated since i live in the countryside i dont bump into any like minded people to swap ideas with…by the way bought some practise skins and didnt think they were great,going to try some pig skin next,is it better?a tattooist that i contacted told me that agreat way of practising was to trace,what do you think….thanks,korky..

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      keep working on your art – and practice on fake skin and pig skin – and oranges – haha..
      don’t tattoo people until you get an apprenticeship – or you learn from a professional..
      get tattooed up by y our local artist – and watch / ask quesations ect.
      the more tattoos you get – the more you can watch and learn..
      best of luck

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      thanks,buddy for the reply,i live in ireland and to get an apprentiship in my corner of the country is impossible or to purchase any equipment is difficult,so its the web for me,i do know aguy who did tattoo in a shop paid him a visit a while back,got tattoos,smothered him with questions and watched his every move,he gave me permission to call back for advice now and again,but hes a hard man to catch also i bought huck spauldings book,ive read it over several times,i still wonder whats the absolute best way for me to progress,im always afraid that i might waste time doing the wrong thing,at the moment i am fairly happy with the results of some of my basic tattoos on practise skin,but whats next?i am not under any silly illousions that i will tattoo people soon,anyway ill take all advice going,i need it and very much appreciate it,thanks for your time,nice to know some people still around willing to help others…thanks

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