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      Hello everyone

      My name is Julio, most call me Jay and I am 35 yrs old.

      I live in Jersey City, born and raised in NY. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and have always held onto my desire to tattoo. It has only been until recently that I have been able to pursue this dream of mine and I absolutely love it.

      The little that I know about tattooing has been from books and DVD’s (yeh I know, most would consider it crap knowledge). I’ve purchased tattoo equipment from a place called Unimax out here in NYC on Canal St. and have even begun tattooing on practice skins, on my legs and on trusting family and friends with pleasing results.

      I can’t help but feel like a lost orphan but the tattoo fire within me is strong. I have been to several tattoo shops out here in NYC to inquire about apprenticing with dismal results. Most are asking anywhere between 5K and 25K and I just don’t have that kind of dough. So, if you are looking for an apprentice, I am more than willing to help in your shop in exchange for knowledge.

      I’m glad to be here and hope to learn as much as I can from you all. Talk to you soon.


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      Best advice – go get tattooed by pros.
      Ask questions – watch them work –
      get a sleeve or two – that will buy you a Ton of face time – and then you will also get to observe –
      who knows if you click with your artist you might get in the door that way.

      get a portfolio together – of your drawings –
      if you insist on tattooing at home then make sure you use plastic tubes and tips.

      i have a strong opinion that you should not pay an artist to apprentice you –
      but thats just me…
      but that means that you have to be willing to invest time in building that relationship to gain trust to get the apprenticeship –
      prove your worth
      and prove your dedication…
      books and DVDs will only take you so far

      best of luck

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