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      I sent you an email, but am posting here too. Got book in mail today. Cant seem to get past the PW part. So if you could check your e-mail ;)

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      Any update? I read the book in one day. Very, very good book for beginners and novice’s. I would highly recommend this book.

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      Did you get your login working?
      Im sorry, I am in Afghanistan right now with the Marines!
      SO I cant get to email much.
      I will try to help you
      email me:
      Directly – and send your login and password – I will see if I can get to the server to fix or have somone back in the states do it for you.
      I think you can email: with your info and get help
      There should be a link for help or an email on the main webpage somewhere..
      sorry internet is slow here…
      Hope this got resolved – and sorry took me so long to reply!
      Thank you for the kind words about the book –
      Be sure to leave me a positive review on even if you didnt buy it there!

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      I emailed you here through the boards and your email and the support email….no replies other than what you just posted. So I’m still waiting to login. I’ll resend the info again.

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      Dreamer – you had to have gotten in.. haha

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      This post is so old lol yeah man it was tricky cause it looks the same after you login. I havent logged in for a while and now I’m afraid to try lol Forgot my PW I think. But yeah I’ve gotten in since then.

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