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      I’m not a pro and I have been tattooing for about a year and I half so far. I did this tattoo about a year ago.


      The client supplied me with some sketch his friend did on half a page of paper. I took the design, broke out my sharpies, and drew the design on his back then proceeded to ink him up. Although it isn’t 100% perfect, for such a large area (he was a pretty big guy) I am pretty damn proud of myself. He likes it even more than I do. And although I’m not a big fan of doing tribal, it continues to be one of my top pieces to date.

      I used a 12 round liner and a 7 stacked mag for filling and shading.

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      very ambitious –
      good design – but a little shaky on a lot of the lines, and the tips of the tribal.
      poor photo quality – hard to tell..
      make sure you use plastic tubes and tips!

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