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      I have a BFA in Visual Communication but I consider myself more of an illustrator than a designer. I graduated art school last year and am currently working as a butcher, which doesnt offer much in the way of creativity or artistic expression. A friend of mine gave me a tattoo machine a few weeks ago. The introduction to a new medium has inspired me artisticly. Since recieving the machine I have been doing ALOT of research and have been practicing on rubber skins/pigskins and have stepped up my drawing practice. I have always appreciated the art form but have no tattoos myself, I am not opposed to getting ink, I have never found an image that I am strongly compelled to wear for the rest of my life. I imagine that most people would be hesitant about geting a tattoo from a person that has no tattoos, which would be like going to a dentist who has no teeth. Regardless, I enjoy my practice sessions and have a strong passion for art of all kinds. I also have an opportunity for a free tattoo apprenticeship. It just seems like all of this is kind of falling into my lap. I am hopeing these forums will offer insight.


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      Chad – you dont have to get COVERED in ink
      you SHOULD know how it feels
      you should know the depth of the needles
      you should talk to a professional and watch them work
      best done by watching on your own skin
      the more tattoos you have the more you will appreciate the art and what the clients go through
      best of luck!

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