Just a quick update: I am working on the website! If you haven't noticed the visual changes - then you should by now! This is just the start.
Content and videos coming this weekend. Hang in there. Special gift for those of you who own Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo... for being so patient with me. -CR Jordan

  1. Update: Forum is online
  2. Update: New layout competed, time to focus on content
  3. Update: Two new videos have been shot (over 23 hours of video for members)
  4. Update: At least 5 new photo tutorials have been completed
  5. Update: "welcome tattoo Disk 2" will be available online for download and purchase!

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  1. Billy Fregia 8 years ago

    I thank u for what ur doing helping me alot

    • CR Jordan 7 years ago

      Glad to hear your tattoo journey was helped with TeachMeToTattoo.com and Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo the book. Let me know if you have tattoo related questions.
      Ask them in the FORUM, but you can ping me w/ a Private Message and I will do my best to reply.

  2. Ramenuzumaki 10 years ago

    I think something needs to be done to the top bar. It seems that even after you log in “Register,” and “Login” are still there without any indication you are logged in already. I only noticed this after logging in twice thinking the site was logging me out, and upon almost logging in a third time I noticed my name on the blog post I was on. However, if you log in, and then click home, it seems as if you were logged out.

    • CR Jordan 10 years ago

      When you login – doesnt it take you to a member’s page?
      Sorry.. I am working on it!!
      Thanks or the heads up though

      • CR Jordan 10 years ago

        I almost got that fixed… thanks again!

    • CR Jordan 10 years ago

      This has been fixed!

  3. ricoh65 10 years ago

    Looking good CR…..

    • CR Jordan 10 years ago

      Thanks! Working on it. I have a lot of videos that I am working on editing to get up, and a dozen or so photo tutorials of tattoos: start to finish.

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