Some artists will shade with quick flicks of the wrist, and apply
pressure at the starting point of the stroke, while gradually lifting
up on the end of the stroke to create a dark to light effect. Others
will “scrub” the needle against the skin, and use the pressure
of their hand to vary the darkness. It is possible to work in
circular motions and use different pigments with different values
to achieve the subtle fade of a gradient as well.

  1. eackerson 9 years ago

    is it possible to get the light to dark shade with only using witch hazel mixture using just circular motion shading

    • admin 9 years ago

      You can use a solid black pigment – then dilute w/ witch hazel or water – and as long as the machine is running soft, you can get some good blending.

  2. Bent 9 years ago

    Is “cheese shaping” just “stippling?”

  3. qford82 10 years ago

    I was wondering where I could find different types of shading techniques like cheese shading. Where could I found out what they all look like?

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