Some artists will not only have their line work on the stencil, but
light shading might be included as well. This can save time
while attempting to decipher the stencil once it is transposed to
the skin. Awesome effects are achieved with a dot matrix printer
and even thermal copier. Practice taking a piece of paper with
your drawing on it, photocopy it, and then place the photocopy
directly on the stencil paper. Then retrace the drawing directly
on the photocopy. Do not place another piece of paper on top of
the photocopy. This way the photocopy will be your actual stencil.
You can crosshatch and shade lightly as well, and this will
help you avoid using so many hard lines while tattooing.


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  1. Enchanted Ink 12 years ago

    i have just baught the grinder tattoo kit from Are these good machines? I was reading where you are not supposed to use plain black ink for shading and lining, what do you use? I tried to use the spirit paper that came with the kit to put a design on the fake tattoo skin included in the kit and it didnt work, I have no idea what I did wrong How do you get the stencils to transfer to the skin? on the front of the fake tattoo skin there was already a design i started putting some color to it but when you wipe away the excess it just smears how do u get the smears off so that it will look good

    • admin 12 years ago

      Any machine can be a good machine, and any machine can be a bad machine. A good machine will not make you tattoo well – but it makes things easier. I personally have not used pirate face tattoo machines, but i will work with the owner of the company to get some and i will let you know.

      Plain black ink works just fine for shading and for lining.

      I have not personally used the fake skin – w/ the stencil paper – practice stencil paper on your own skin. Won’t hurt anything.
      Check out “stencil stuff” for stencil transfer.

      Vasaline will help w/ the excess ink – you will have to learn to control your flow! don’t run the machine when you dip it in the ink cap.

  2. Enchanted Ink 12 years ago

    Could I use just regular carbon paper to make stencils. If so How would i do this

    • admin 12 years ago

      No – you can not.

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