• Did you mean gradiations? And yeah you’d be lucky for it to even be grey. It would be so dark once it heals you’d barely see it. It’s pointless. Ramen touched on this but tattoo pigments are translucent so the darkest color will always show through.

  • Oh shit man that’s crazy! It never occurred to me there was an age difference. No disrespect intended. It’s a term I use on people of any age anyway though. As far as the ship idea that’s another great one. So you obviously understand the gist of what the subject matter is supposed to be like. Which believe it or not is a huge part of it. Keep it…[Read more]

  • Two more for good measure lol:
    My life my way: http://i40.tinypic.com/29go8sy.jpg
    Squares beware:

    Sorry for the low picture quality. And some sre sideways for some reason. But hopefully that will help in some way

  • Here’s some of my stuff for you to look at. Now I’m by no means perfect and neither is any of my shit but it will give you a feel for how traditional should look.

    First these two are gypsie heads so very similar to what you were going for so these will be really good for you to check out:
    An older one I did for my portfolio when I was…[Read more]

  • Great job man! Considering your experience level with traditional that’s really solid work man. It was cool to see it progress. As far as both I mean I don’t think you need to but it couldnt hurt. And yeah man as far as just trying to emulate something without too much guidence you did a great job. In the traditional world it’s not exactly perfect…[Read more]

  • Your shit ain’t bad man. I couldn’t see the final version. The link wasn’t working for some reason. However you’re definitely on the right track for the second one. For the braid I would just leave it hanging but it looks fine. The biggest advice I could give you would be to finish it. I’m not sure what kind of tattooer the person you’re drawing…[Read more]

  • The Native American girl head is a good call. Very traditional, definitely a classic. As far as all the other shit, I’d scrap it. There’s a saying the old timers like to say about 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag. Personally I would focus my attention on the head and let the piece speak for itself. I’d love to see a sketch though.

  • The rules of traditional tattoo seem to be pretty heavily guarded. I always loved traditional and always knew I wanted to work in a traditional shop (which I do now) It seems simple enough but it really isn’t. Half the shit you see people do that think they’re doing traditional are all wrong. Was there something specific you wanted know about…[Read more]

  • Man Len I know exactly how you’re feeling about your bro man. I just went through something really similar. When I was first starting my cousin asked me to do some shit on his knuckles. I repeatedly told him that at the time I really didn’t feel comfortable enough to do knuckles. Theyre not easy. He said over and over oh, I don’t care I just want…[Read more]

  • The link doesn’t work. Use a site like http://www.tinypic.com or http://www.photobucket.com. Also I’ve never heard of stretching too much. Some inks don’t go in as easy as others. It probably has more to do with how your machine is running and your technique though. If a mag won’t get the job done youre doing something wrong.

  • Snowing like a mother fucker! You lucky bastard. We’re supposed to get like 7 inches. And yeah we try to charge by the piece as well (or flat rate, as we call it) for most of the things we do. But bigger stuff goes to hourly rate.

    Also shaggy, my mentor that I’m working for now, actually cut his teeth in the industry down your way at inksmith and…[Read more]

  • Used to have to same problem. I couldn’t draw a fucking stick figure unless I had a picture in front of me. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. I can’t stress that enough. Bite other people’s shit relentlessly. Copy other people’s work you admire. If you have a particular style you want to focus on that’s even better. The more you copy other people’s stuff…[Read more]

  • Jbeaufosho replied to the topic Ban the ink in the forum Pigment v. Ink 9 years, 2 months ago

    Yikes man. What a mess. I’ve actually heard murmurings that something similar may be going down in my home state. We make our own ink at the shop I’m at and I can definitively say that there really aren’t that many ingredients. Fear not the industry will survive regardless. My states tattooing laws are abismal (there is nothing that says anyone…[Read more]

  • Jbeaufosho replied to the topic B&G Rose in the forum Post your work here 9 years, 2 months ago

    Thanks Len. Yeah initially I was thinking of using a 5 for the outline to give it a more delicate look. But my mentor talked me into a 7. I’m glad he did, I think the design lends itself well to the bold look. Thanks for the feed back peoples.

  • Yeah unfortunately I do only take a percentage. I’ve worked my way up to 50 so half of whatever I make goes back to the shop. (Which I have no problem with but it does make my prices higher. And yeah shaggy our shop is pretty much exactly the same. All told tattoo took me around 2 1/2 hours so I normally would have charged 350. I charged by the…[Read more]

  • Jbeaufosho replied to the topic B&G Rose in the forum Post your work here 9 years, 2 months ago

    Nice thanks guys! Yeah besides the white it came out pretty much how I hoped it would. I was happy with it. Just not so happy with the way the pictures came out.

  • Jbeaufosho replied to the topic Vory Skull in the forum Original Flash 9 years, 2 months ago

    Absolutely. Looking forward to it. Conte crayons are fun. Honestly I haven’t fucked around with them since I started tattooing. But I might have to now. I use prismas for most of my shit

  • Jbeaufosho replied to the topic Scabbing in the forum Apprentice Folly 9 years, 2 months ago

    I’m really happy to see people recommending lotion for after care. Aquphor makes a lotion (not the salve) that is amazing for aftercare. I was hesitant to first start using lotion on my tattoos but once I did I’ve never had tattoos heal so fast and dark. Works amazing. And yeah overworking is probably the most likely culprit for scabbing. Round…[Read more]

  • To shorten the stroke you have to tighten down the contact screw. But that’s gonna make it run faster and hit harder so you’re gonna have to compensate in those areas. But long stroke is usually ok for liners. I agree definitely post pics. Tinypic.com is great too. And simple enough. I suck with computers and was able to figure it out

  • I know this post is old and the person that posted it probably won’t even see this lol. But I had to comment cause I pop a boney for traditional shit. Its really not bad man. But study the old shit for the shading. I usually shade them from the bottom left corner. But look at the way Jerry does his ships. Hes the king of that shit. Old school…[Read more]

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