“Appropriate disinfectants include:

• A diluted bleach solution (usually diluted 1:10 with water).
• EPA-registered anti-microbial products.
• Tuberculocides (List B).
• Sterilants (List A).
• Products registered against HIV/HBV (List D).
• Sterilants/high level disinfectants for equipment sterilization
cleared by the FDA.

Any of the above products are considered effective when used according to the
manufacturer’s instructions, provided the surfaces have not become contaminated
with agents or volumes/concentrations of agents for which higher level disinfection is
recommended. The product label will give instructions as to the amount of disinfectant
to use, the length of time it must remain wet on the surface in order to be effective,
and PPE needed when using the product.
Large areas of contamination should be cleaned first with soap and water so to ensure
the disinfectant works properly. Some disinfectants do not work in the presence
of blood.
Fresh solutions of diluted household bleach should be made up daily (every 24
hours). Contact time for bleach is generally considered to be the time it takes the
product to air dry. Store the bleach solution in plastic not glass containers.”
*Taken from Blood Born Pathogen Online Certification Course

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