Countless clients have come to me wanting to get a cover-up done. This goes back to ensuring that you have selected a tattoo you can live with for the rest of your life, but I am not going to beat that dead horse anymore. In the event that your tattoo artist mentions laser surgery to remove a tattoo, don’t immediately cringe with fear.


Laser treatments typically won’t remove a tattoo completely from[private levels="level1,level2"]

your body. They are great for cover-up work, though. The laser will usually break up the pigment to the point that the artist will have little trouble with the new tattoo.


Tattoo pigment is not like paint. You cannot simply cover up black with white ink. Only certain colors on certain skin tones will work for cover-ups. The age of the tattoo and the depth of the original ink will also play an important role in the cover-up.


When your artist tells you that he will have problems covering up your work, you should listen. There are some tattoos that will cover up very easily, but most do not. I cannot tell you how many times customers look at me with confused eyes when I try to explain to them that the tiny new tattoo they have selected will not physically cover up the giant black blotch they already have.


There are creative ways to incorporate an existing tattoo into a cover-up, but this requires time and skill. You have to be willing to pay a bit more for a cover-up tattoo and a corrective tattoo because the artists usually do not have pity for you. It was your choice to get the bad tattoo to begin with, remember?


Tattoo restoration is a different topic from a coverup. Restoration is when you want to bring an old tattoo back to life. As tattoos age inside your skin, they can get fuzzy or muted. Restoration will recreate, and even improve the tattoo. This is not very difficult, but it can have some challenges when the line work on the original was once very thin or fine. As time passes, the ink will slowly expand and break up under the skin, causing the lines to thicken or blur together. You see this often with old tattoos that have script work or filigree that was once very fine-lined detail.



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