Hi from Ink Stains!

Why trust the safety of your customers to just any pre sterilized
needles? For years, Technical has been manufacturing the best needle
setups, for those that prefer the safety and convenience of
pre-sterilized needles. These pre-packaged needles are made form high
quality #12 (.35 mm) guage stainless and are 30 mm long (with handle:
142 - 143 mm), fitting any standard machine.

There are many cheaper needles being manufactured in China, and other
countries, and being sold on ebay. Unlike these type of needles, TTS
Needles do not barb, bend or dull, under normal use. Cheap brands have
been known to barb, break, and be of lower quality. No one needs a
needle barbing during a tattoo.

[private levels="level1,level2"]Technical, as you know, are the creators of Mom's Millennium
Colorworks, and hundreds of other trusted products, and have been
supplying the professional tattooer with high quality supplies, even
before the internet!

We finally got our inventory up to stock, and up to date at our site.
You can now get all sizes, in boxed of 50, individually sealed and
pre-sterilized, at :[/private]


Have a good week!

Ink Stains Tattoo Supply


(253) 237 2102



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  1. CR Jordan 9 years ago

    Not sure!

  2. Exitas 9 years ago

    Does ink stain sell to non-licensed?

    • CR Jordan 8 years ago

      Not sure, you should contact them!


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