There are several bandage materials that I have seen used in
tattoo studios. The most common is the paper towel and tape.
Paper towels are not a horrible bandage material for a large
tattoo, and will allow the tattoo to breathe. An excellent way to
get the paper towel (which should be folded a few times) to the
skin is to use surgical tape. Prior to putting the paper towel on
the skin, make sure you spray the area where the tape will have
to adhere to the skin with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. This will
remove the petroleum jelly residue around the tattoo that would
prevent the tape from sticking to the skin. It is helpful to have
all the pieces of tape you will use pre-cut for that tattoo when it
comes to the bandaging part of the process. Always make sure
you are wearing clean gloves while applying a bandage to a client.

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