Mechanical or Electrical, which comes first? This is another
classic example of the chicken or the egg question that plagues
humanity. If you are articulate enough, then it is very possible
to claim either. I like to refer to the Electrical System as the
originating primary system because it can be argued that the
electricity creates the electromagnetic field, which causes the
armature bar to pull down. This magnetism created the first mechanical
movements. It can also be arguably reversed, in the
case that some tattoo artists run their machines to a tuning that
actually requires the physical movement of the armature bar by
the flick of their wrist or their thumb. This flick will then set in motion
enough resistance and spring energy to keep the cycle going;
its driving force is the combination of the electricity and the
spring energy. However you label the process of the systems, it
is obvious that they require each other to work properly.

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