There are limitless companies that sell lower end materials and
gear, however this text will not go into that aspect of the mainstream
tattoo supply chain, instead it will focus on what I feel are
a few basic solid pieces of equipment at reasonable prices. You
can always find that $1200 tattoo machine or a $50 one for that
matter in many vendor catalougues. Tattoo is just as much an
art as it is a technical science, so the machine that you ultimately
select to be your workhorse will have to come from your own
trial and error. There is no right or wrong, best or worst tattoo
machine. It is just a matter of opinion and what feels or works
best for you. You have to remember that a professional tattoo
supply company will not sell you gear unless you are working in
a professional studio, or you are an apprentice in a professional
studio and they will often ask for some sort of verification that
you are a professional. This is due to the stigma that is placed
over the concept of “scratching” or tattooing out of your house,
or without skill. There are plenty of “scratchers” out there that
own shops, but you have to respect the integrity of the supply
companies that attempt to self regulate in this industry.


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