The best example I can give of coloring, in tattoo terminology,
is when you fill in a tribal piece solid black. Coloring does not
have to be black, but it does have to be solid filling of a color
in an area. It is possible to achieve a gradient effect while still
coloring. This is possible by taking for example a tattoo that is
simply a circle. You could fill a circle in with solid red pigment.
This would be coloring. You could just as easily take that same
circle and use black pigment and shade it so that a good portion
of the circle is dark along the bottom and gradually fades
to skin, making a sphere. This would give a 3D effect. Then to
make this black shaded sphere a red sphere you would COLOR
the sphere in with red pigment. You would color on top of the
already slightly shaded black pigment. So you have achieved a
shaded look of red, but you only colored with red pigment, you
shaded with the black pigment.


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  1. olos 15 years ago

    Hi, I just watched the new video of the black and grey piece. You talk in the book and on the video about how softly you run your machines for black and grey, and how you like them to bog down just enough to be able to work the skin a lot. My question concerns solid fill with a magnum. How much harder of a hit do you prefer on a solid fill, is it advisable to still bog down quite a bit? Is it hitting way to hard if you are not getting a bog down, or just very minimal bog down? Also a critique of the video: If you could edit the movie down from raw footage it would allow you to put it up at a higher quality. I felt like you could have edited that movie down (especially the tripod on the trash can) to at least 30 min and still have provided all the useful commentary that you did. This way the visual quality would have been less choppy and more illustrative of your technique. Just some food for thought.

    • admin 15 years ago

      Thanks for the ideas on the video editing. We are just getting the video stuff off the ground.
      I would say you should have a harder hit when filling solid.
      i like my machines to bog down when i am doing greys and blending – bot so much when I am doing solid color packing.

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