Typically a tattoo machine will run from 4 volts to 12 volts. There
is no real rule of thumb for how many volts you need to make
your machine run a certain way. There is also no real rule of
thumb for how much voltage you need to line or shade; it is always
a matter of preference. Some machines will require more
voltage than others, as well as some artists will prefer to use
more voltage than others. It is important to be aware that the
voltage is only one aspect of how your machine runs. Voltage
must complement the spring resistance, the geometry of the
machine and the type of coils you are using.


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  1. Veronique Brodeur 14 years ago

    Thanx for all the great info, it really helps! I’ve been experiencing liner machine heating up quite fast (within 10 minutes using it), is that normal? I think not. Just bought it not long ago. Do you know the possible cause and what I can do to avoid that? Is it my power supply hokked up wrong? Thanks!

    • admin 14 years ago

      Could be a few things.
      I would check your coil quality.
      What type of power supply you have and what types of machines you have make a big difference.
      Some machines heat up faster than others.
      Quality machines and quality power supply will not do this in 10 minutes though.
      Are you an apprentice in a studio?

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