To avoid needle or spotty marks in the tattoo while doing
grey work it is important to use a much softer running machine
than you would typically use during a lining session.
It is also important to utilize circular smooth motions. Magnum
needles will also efficiently help to lay smoother gradients, no
matter what method of grey scale tattooing you select. Some
artists will advise against using the circular motions, and insist
on scrubbing motions. Typically a faster running machine with a
shorter stroke will be very effective if you decide to use scrubbing
style of shading. The important thing is to pay attention to
the skin. You have to know when you are causing too much
trauma to a client’s skin. If you can get away with pressing
hard and working fast to achieve smooth gradients without damaging
the skin, then go for it. There is no right or wrong way to
shade. It is really all about how the tattoo heals and how the tattoo
looks. Spotty looking shading can also come from tattoo inks
improperly mixed as well. You really have to experiment with
different brands and distributers. Practice layering, even when
working on black and grey pieces to achieve smooth affects.

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